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The life sciences industry is one of the key sectors of the 21st century. Huge technological advances, for example in genome sequencing, the development of highly efficient methods of gene manipulation and also breakthroughs in stem-cell research, have led to groundbreaking scientific discoveries. The growing digitalization of the healthcare sector also promises enormous advances in diagnostics and synthetic biology right through to completely new and increasingly also personalized approaches to medical treatment.

The Basel region is one of the world’s most important centres of the life sciences industry. With Roche and Novartis, two of the five leading global pharmaceutical companies have their origins and global headquarters in Basel. Along with Actelion (founded in 2000 and today a company with sales worth more than two billion francs) there are 700 other life sciences companies and biotech start-ups in the region. First-class research institutions, such as the Biozentrum of the University of Basel, the University Hospital, the Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI) and the Departement of biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE) of ETH Zurich, go to cement the reputation of Basel as a leading life sciences hub. This dense academic and industrial setting and the availability of venture capital also provide the ideal hotbed for the creation of new companies.

The activities of in the Life Sciences technology field are focused in particular on two subject areas:

Drug Development

While most medicines were previously developed by pharmaceutical companies themselves, the most successful products today come from small specialist biotech firms. Big pharmaceutical companies are therefore increasingly seeking contact with these innovative young firms – either through investments via the companies’ own venture funds or through collaboration and licence agreements.

Precision Medicine

To meet the growing challenges in the healthcare sector, new approaches to treatment, care and prevention are needed. Through the use of digital technologies, the treatment of patients can be more personalized and the efficacy of treatment thus markedly improved.

In the technology field Life Sciences regularly organizes networking events and workshops on the above focus issues. The aim of these meetings is to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge between companies and specialists, to inspire new ideas and to support concrete projects and initialize new ones:

Bioentrepreneurship Events regularly organizes events on the topic of Biotech Entrepreneurship, in collaboration also with the Life Sciences Network Basel (LSNB). Here employees from established life sciences companies, innovators from research and development, entrepreneurs and investors are offered the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Precision Medicine Group Basel Area

In the closest collaboration with experts from the life sciences and healthcare industry, cultivates a neutral platform with the aim of generating concrete innovation projects and providing support in their realization. Join our LinkedIn group.

BaseLaunch Accelerator

The program managed by works to attract and accelerate promising and groundbreaking healthcare startups. It provides participating teams with infusions of funds, insight, infrastructure and industry access, and integrates them into one of the most dynamic biotech and pharma ecosystems in Europe. More information and application:

Furthermore, provides individual support for innovators and start-up projects in one-on-one discussions and expert meetings for the review and support of business ideas.
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