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With our initiative DayOne we strive to create a world leading hub for healthcare innovation, built on the strength of the Basel region and respected for its impact and collaboration across disciplines and industries with a focus on precision medicine —   the convergence of diagnostics, treatment and digital health.

DayOne  focuses on six mutually reinforcing activities:

  • Network — The DayOne Core, a vibrant Network of Healthcare Innovators that brings together healthcare innovators — enthusiasts, experts (scientist, business, entrepreneurs) and patients.
  • Events — Conferences, events, workshops that drive regional, national and international collaboration. These help define hot-topics and set the agenda for the overall initiative, foster the Network and generate further awareness for the initiative and the Basel region.
  • Catalyst Projects — Collaborative projects that tackle bottleneck issues in Healthcare Innovation, bridging siloes across disciplines and industries.
  • Accelerator — A program that provides the right ecosystem, in which Digital Health start-up projects can grow and thrive.
  • Inbound projects — The promotion of a unique ecosystem that attracts international innovative healthcare companies to the Basel region.
  • Collaborative Workspace — A physical space that enables all of the above, with the provision of experts and mentors, environment and infrastructure for co-creation and collaborative innovation.

DayOne is an initiative managed by in close collaboration with the Canton of Basel-Stadt. DayOne strives to be a neutral platform that builds upon the existing ecosystem. The strategic direction and agenda of DayOne are set by a core team of experts representing industry, research institutes and healthcare providers as well as tech companies.

Fabian Streiff

Your contact person

Fabian Streiff

PhD | Director Healthcare Innovation - DayOne

Tel. +41 61 295 50 00

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